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What’s a Home Warranty, why do I need it?

I don’t need a home warranty on my home, everything works fine.

We don’t need a home warranty on this home, it’s only a couple years old.

I just purchased the dishwasher 3 months ago it has a year warranty.

Is it like insurance, because we already have homeowners.


Bottom Line. Yes, you want and need a Home Warranty. The Jim Buff Team uses American Home Shield for  our providers for Home Warranties.


What is a Home Warranty or Home Protection Plan, you’re asking? It’s simply a protection plan for your home. For a home seller it protects you for the entire time you have your home listed with The Jim Buff Team. For the buyer its a one year service contract, that at the end of the year you are given the option to renew. The contract covers the repair and/or replacement of many major home system components and appliances that typically break down over time.


Imagine moving into a home, maybe in the fall. The previous homeowners haven’t used the heat since March or April, it’s starting to get chilly in the house and you go to turn on the heat, it works but in a day or two it starts to give out. Are you going to want to spend the money to have it looked and repaired? With the American Home Shield Home Warranty you will only have to contact them and they will schedule a repair person to come out and look at and remedy the situation. The cost, $75. Yes, you read that correctly, something that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars, you’re going to pay $75.


Therefore, next time you’re buying or selling. Don’t forget the Home Warranty.

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Agent Safety

Why does my Real Estate Agent asking for my ID and contact information, I just want to see this property:


When people think of Real Estate agents they have this starry-eyed vision that we’re all rich making millions of dollars a year. When, actually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average agent makes $53,210 per year. Many people don’t think about the dangers of the profession. Meeting strangers at properties miles away from towns with no neighbors or cell reception. Hosting Open Houses with many different people coming into the home you may not know, and have probably never have spoken to, in your life. Getting into vehicles with strangers and driving around with them. All things as children we were told NOT to do.


In lieu of recent events, with the kidnapping and murder of  Beverly Carter a Real Estate agent from Arkansas is shining light on the safety and well being of Real Estate agents everywhere.

So next time you want to look at the home and the agent asks you to meet at the office; meet them at the office, let them make a copy of your identification and get contact information.  Be nice, they are being cautious and many times it’s company policy to obtain that information, because in the long term it’s just a couple of extra minutes but it could save a life.