Born and raised in Germany, Andreas moved to South America as a teenager, eventually joining IBM as his very first job. A few years later, and after a truly extraordinary career, he went to work for IBM at its corporate HQ in Armonk, New York, settling down in the Metro NYC area and becoming a proud US citizen. He subsequently worked for other major corporations, including Oracle Corp. and Inacom. With the rising importance of the Internet in the 90’s, he then saw the opportunity to achieve a lifelong ambition of being an entrepreneur, and left the corporate world to become involved with a number of successful Internet ventures in the US and Europe.

Andreas’ entire professional life has been characterized by a strong belief in relationship building, focusing on client satisfaction, and professionalism in everything he does. These convictions have served him well and they have resulted in many client relationships that have lasted for years. Finally, in 2016 he took those same beliefs with him when he moved to beautiful Asheville, NC, to be near his daughters and to become a Real Estate Professional. He is fluent in English, Spanish and German.

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