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Keller Williams Mobile App

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, The Weather Channel, your bank, there is an APP for everything and most people are using their apps. 42% of people take the 1st step in home buying on the internet. Instead of using, Zillow or Truila (which is being acquired by Zillow) download the Keller Williams App and use that. By using the GPS on your phone it can show you all the homes for sale in the area you are, all the homes not just Keller Williams listings. Check links Take a minute and download the KW APP and begin your home search. Or if you aren’t into apps you can pick up the phone and give us a call at (828)771-2310 or email us at and we can tell you all about any home you want to know about.


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Asheville, NC


A little bit on the fair city where the Jim Buff Team is located. Asheville, NC. We are nestled in the Mountains of Western North Carolina, close to South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia. Asheville and the region has the joy of experiencing all four season, but we do not receive large amounts of snow and it’s not sweltering in the summer. Besides the lovely weather we have, Asheville is home to the Biltmore Estate & Grove Park Inn, Blue Ridge Parkway access and Thomas Wolfe was born in Asheville.

One of the newer attractions to Asheville, are the breweries. Four years in a row Asheville has been named “Beer City, USA” according to and is home to atleast 21 craft breweries.

With an active downtown Asheville, is a great city to live in or near. If you’d like to find a home in the area, please give us a call at (828)771-2310 and we can help you on your search.

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Local Lenders vs Internet Lenders.

We all see the commercials on TV advertising the internet lenders and they quick closings and good rates they can give you. That may be true, but can they give you good service? My advice to homebuyers always go local. On our team we like to follow up with the lender and out of town and/or internet lenders make this difficult. internet use statistics . Many times you are just a number to the internet lenders. On our team we always cringe a little when we see something coming in without a local lender.

Buyer Local or I guess Lend Local:

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First Time Home Buyers

According to the National Association of Realtors there is for the 1st time in 30 years a decline in First Time Home buyers. Recently at the Keller Williams Family Reunion in Orlando, Gary Keller the co-founder of Keller Williams was discussing this, he feels that the amount of student loan debt is a leading factor. trip planner According to Keller 71% of recent grads have student loan debt with an average of $333 per month that’s a 356% increase in the last decade.

Below you will find the article from the NAR that talks about the decline in First time home buyers:

But if you are looking for a home, no matter if it’s your first, second or 156 home we’re here to help you.

Give us a call at (828)771-2310 or shoot us an email at


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The #1 Real Estate Company in the World!

It was recently announced at our Keller Williams Family Reunion that Keller Williams is the #1 Real Estate company in the WORLD! Yes you read that correctly. In 2014 KW had 95,000 associates and it ended with 112,000 that’s a net gain of 17,000 agents in ONE YEAR!

What does that mean for you? It mean that if you list your home with the Jim Buff team no matter where you want to move to California or Costa Rica there is a Keller Williams agent we can refer you too. Whether you’re buying or selling give us a call at (828)771-2310!! Check links .