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What’s a Home Warranty? Why do I need one?

Do I really need to purchase a Home Warranty when I list it with the Jim Buff Team or I’m buying a home?


Yes. That’s where we’d like to stop and everyone should just get a home warranty. Unfortunately, that’s not going to work with most of our clients and it wouldn’t work with  us  if we didn’t know anything about it either. So take a minute and read a little about it.


On the Buff Team here at Keller Williams Professionals Realty we offer the American Home Shield Home Warranty, and this is a home warranty company that Jim and all of his team members believe in. So much so, that many of us have it on our own homes, even though they aren’t for sale. Jim has been using AHS for well over a decade, that’s how much he believes in it.


You may have no idea what a home warranty does or what it covers. You also may think I have insurance I don’t need that. Well a Home Warranty covers things that your insurance will not cover, remember the time your heat stopped working when it was below freezing and you had to call the local heating and air company to come out and fix it and it was super expensive? Well with a Home Warranty if that would have happened you could have contact AHS and just paid a $75 trade service fee and that would have been it. Let me tell you more about the different home warranty packages available from AHS in North Carolina.


First of all, you can purchase a home warranty for any type of home, single family homes, condos, townhomes and mobile homes. You can even get it for new construction single family homes and condos. There are multiple price points you can purchase home warranties for, see for the most up to date pricing.


If you’re purchasing a home, the most popular plan we find is the Shield Plus. With the Shield Plus plan it covers all major systems which includes, air conditioning, heating, ductwork, plumbing, electrical and water heaters on top of that it also covers major appliances.  If you’re selling the home, you can purchase the home warranty as a selling tool and you can also have coverage while you still own the property. The coverage you receive as a seller is on the major systems and can come in very handy. The best part about having a home warranty when you’re selling the property, you don’t have to pay for it up front, all costs come out at closing, and if you don’t close the house with us, you don’t pay for the home warranty. It’s a win, win!


Below are some benefits to Homebuyers and Home Sellers right from the AHS Website

Benefits to Home Buyers

Our real estate plans protect your house, so you can focus on making it your home.

  • Gain confidence and comfort knowing that your hard-earned investment is covered by an industry leader.
  • Don’t stress about potential undetectable pre-existing conditions (like lack of maintenance and mismatched systems) — they’re covered!
  • Confidence in our nationwide network of professional home repair experts that we prescreen and monitor for your convenience.

Benefits to Home Sellers

Sell faster, for more money and with fewer worries.

  • Gain confidence and comfort knowing that your budget is protected while your home is on the market.*
  • Help sell your home an average of 11 days faster and for an average of $2,314 more.**
  • Mitigate unexpected issues from the home inspection to keep the sale of your home on track.

If you’re looking to sell your home, or buy a new home you should make sure you’re really considering a home warranty. For more information on home warranties and buying and selling homes contact the Jim Buff Team at (828) 771-2310 or email us